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Active participation in developing scientific and research activities at the Higher Military Artillery School dates back to the establishment of the school in 1951. A year- book of studies, containing publications by the school lecturers, was first published in 1970. A scientific session was hold in 1973 at the Higher Military Artillery School and a collection of researches was issued. Since then a tradition has been established for organizing an annual scientific session and it has never been cut throughout the whole period of the existence of the institution regardless of any structural, functional or personnel changes.

After the reformation of the military education system in 2002, a scientific session was hold at the Artillery, AAD and CIS Faculty (former Higher Military School for Artillery and Anti- Aircraft Defense) and it covered all faculty sections- military, technical, and the humanities. A civilian student- cadet section has been organized in 2008. Young researchers from the different faculties of the National Military University, as well as from other similar higher schools, take part in it.

There has been an international participation in the scientific sessions between 1995 and 2001. Active cooperation has been established with the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland; the Technical Military Academy of Bucharest, Romania; the University of Defense in Brno, the Czech Republic; and the Italian Military Geographic Institute. Official delegation, headed by colonel Ulrich Ernst- a Depute Commander of the Artillery School of the Bundeswehr, attended the scientific session in 2006. The Vice President of Republic of Bulgaria, General Angel Marin, who is a graduate of the Artillery School, was an official guest at the event.

Over 200 scientific reports are presented every year in the different sections of the session. These reports comprise the results of the scientific researches performed by the lecturers at the faculty and other similar military and technical universities and institutes. After being reviewed by a reviewer body, all session reports are published in a book collection with all sections’ materials (also published on the session website).

In 2011 the scientific session grew into a scientific forum and an exhibition of products by companies from the defense industry was organized, also products from the mechanical engineering and electronics were presented.


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